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10 Brilliant Web Sites for Bars and Restaurants

Posted by Niko on Sep 10, 2015 12:41:16 PM


The first thing that 93% of people do when they just hear about a bar or a restaurant, they look it up. In fact, the average restaurant website gets over 2000 new views every month. The difference between the most successful bars and restaurants and the rest is what happens next; do they come in or move on


The goal of this blog is to show you some great web sites and quickly explain why they work. Why most of those who look them up end up coming in. Hopefully you can emulate their strategies and double or triple how many people your website brings in.  

1. Salud Brooklyn

There are many reasons why this website is so effective at bringing new customers to Salud. As soon as they open the website, prospective customers have no doubt that this place has it's act together. The glasses are sparkling, the tables are spotless and every dish or cocktail looks absolutely delicious. Just take a look at that amazing photo gallery. It's those little details that instill the confidence in all of those who look them up. With a website like this, you can't help but feel confident that Salud would provide a great overall experience to those who look them up and decide to try them. (Website and photos by SpotHopper.)


2. Raclette

If you haven't heard of Raclette, you've probably seen their viral video. The Facebook phenomenon melting cheese video got over 80 million views, which led to millions of website views (also built by SpotHopper) which led to Raclette getting booked for months, witch lead to expansion. Maybe your videos and photos won't get 80 million views, and your website may not get millions of visits, but every bar/restaurant website gets thousands of views a month, and with an great mobile website, with vivid photos and videos, that will lead to thousands of new customers.

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3. American Tap Room

Modern American bars and restaurants are a dime a dozen, but American Tap Room took the time to make sure they stand out with amazing photos and a beautiful mobile design.


4. Ippudo

the_roost - Why it works: If there's one type of content that can be more effective than photos at showcasing your food in a way that users can taste, it's video. Ippudo uses video to show off how the ramen is made by their expert chefs, then a customer as they pull the chewy noodles out of the hot broth.  

5. Mominette

Why it works: We can't tell you how many restaurants we see making this mistake: they have a great patio, but absolutely no signs of it on their website. If you have an awesome patio and the weather is nice, that can be a HUGE draw for potential customers. Mominette is in the middle of the concrete jungle of New York City, but their backyard patio oasis is shown off beautifully: 


6. Gigul Culinary Products - Why it works: Gigul shows us that a GIF can be a great alternative to video, and they are so cheap and easy to make. The movement of the melting caramel on the pan is subtle, but has a massive effect on the customers ability to taste the dish. The same is true of the smoke floating off of the grill near the bottom of the page. 

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7. The Highbury Pub

The Highbury's website does a perfect job of capturing its atmosphere. You will immediately know that you'll have a ton of fun watching a soccer game here. And you can immediately see all the games that they are showing every single day. If you're looking for a fun place to watch the game, you're coming here. 

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8. Jack's Bar - In today's bar scene, craft cocktails and craft beers sell. Jack's knows that, and they show off their drink selection with great photos. And of course, customers can get a good sense of that on any device. 



9. The Dog and Duck

You would think from their website that Dog and Duck is a Michelin Star Fine Dining restaurant or something. Turns out they are a pub, with very good food and a very skilled photographer and website designer. (designs and photos by SpotHopper)

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10. Your Restuarant? 

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We'd also love to hear your thoughts. If you have any comments about this blog post or anything else related to website marketing for bars and restaurants, please let us know.

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